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ADILA presentations and posters:

Sunday 28 April 2024

Live Sessions

12:00 – Poster Area – Poster Session

5d. Antimicrobial stewardship and prescribing (incl interventions, monitoring, impact, decision-support / prediction tools, behavioural aspects)

P2646 – Lack of agreement of 80 national standard treatment guidelines with WHO AWaRe antibiotic book recommendations
Shrey Mathur

P2664 – Development and evaluation of a novel antibiotic point prevalence survey method in primary care (APC-PPS)
Aislinn Cook

5f. Pharmacoepidemiology / pharmacoeconomics (incl cost-effectiveness, modelling, data tools)

P2739 – Antibiotic prescribing for common infections and association with patient outcomes: analysis using electronic prescription data in Vietnam primary care centres
Nam Nguyen

16:15 – Arena 3

Exploring the social dimensions of antimicrobial resistance

ePoster flash Session – Deriving “fair levels” of total and AWaRe antibiotic use, adjusted for clinical burden at a national-level, to inform future target setting
Aislinn Cook

17:30 in Hall D

Digital solutions for surveillance

Oral Session – Deriving a novel method to calculate AMU for policy interventions for antibiotics without a WHO DDD
Mike Thorn 

Monday 29 April 2024

12:00 in Poster Area – Poster Session

3h. Policy aspects of AMR (incl societal impact, economics, mitigation)

P1913 – Current global total and AWaRe global antibiotic use are inversely related to infectious disease burden and not equitable.
Aislinn Cook

P1909 – Global costing of key AWaRe antibiotics
Filip Djukic

13:30 – Arena 3

Antimicrobial stewardship around the world

ePoster flash Session – Observed vs expected levels of empirical antibiotic usage based on the WHO AWaRe antibiotic book: a new benchmarking tool
Myo Swe

ePoster flash Session – Consumption and regulatory status of oral AWaRe antibiotics not included in the WHO essential medicines list: the Grey Group
Shrey Mathur 

Tuesday 30 April 2024

11:00 – Arena 3

What’s in my antimicrobial stewardship toolbox?

ePoster flash Session – Does antibiotic formulation provide reasonable estimates of antibiotic use across different sectors?
Cherry Lim