ADILA aims to improve the quality of antibiotic use through developing a new framework for future target setting and implementation.

ADILA is a data re-use project, focussing on using existing data better to define future policy interventions. Novel models and tools aim to help inform local, national and global policy makers on potential interventions to improve the quality of antibiotic use.

The project takes a risk based, burden adjusted approach to future policy development. The project is based on the WHO AWaRe system. The project takes a global equity approach to antibiotic use, aiming to define levels of “Fair share of AWaRe” antibiotics.

A range of models and novel methods of collating and presenting data are being developed, based around the recommendations in the recently published WHO EML AWaRe (Access/Watch/Reserve) Antibiotic Book, which provides extensive guidance on 35 common infections in adults and children in the primary care and hospital setting.

ADILA has a range of outputs, ranging from academic papers over data analysis script and models to webinars and conference posters.

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This project is funded by the Wellcome Trust Grant number [222051/Z/20/Z]